Women in Science International Award

The First International Award to:

    - acknowledge The Accomplishment of Women ONLY
    - recognize The Achievement of Women in Science ONLY
    - prove Women Innovation, Excellence, Intelligence, and Success
    - honor women as Leaders

The Award is a very high honor that is awarded to a small number of women of our world whose impact has been outstanding,
sometimes under unusual or difficult circumstances, and who have demonstrated the abilities to be great leaders, leaving an
indelible imprint on today's societies and accomplishment for future generations to consider.

The Award, launched in the year 1999, as part of a major international campaign of the Women in Science International League,
to recognize and honor the outstanding achievements of women specialized in all fields of science. In addition, to highlight
internationally the significant role that women are playing in the advancement of Science Technology and Medicine, and the
need for their inclusion at all levels of research, education, development, and decision-making.

The Award, the first international recognition of women in science, is designed to encourage and reward the excellence of
women’s achievements and accomplishments in science, medicine, technology, education, and society’s services, sustainable
development programs, and humanitarian relief.
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