The key body that oversee the League’s work are RASIT Executive Board and the Members’ General Meeting, agreed and defined in the
Strategic Framework and supported by the League’s Secretariat.

RASIT Executive Board is responsible for overseeing the League at a macro-level with a focus on medium- and long-term plans. RASIT
Executive Board is also charged with mobilizing funds; outlining organizational policy; and establishing goals, priorities, and strategies.


The League is administered by an independent Secretariat elected from the League’s members, and undertakes the day-to-day
administration of The League's work plan.

Members’ General Meeting

The Members’ General Meeting, which includes all members of the League, is responsible for nominating representatives to the Board,
supporting and furthering the League objectives and serving as a medium for the exchange of ideas and information.

The Members’ General Meeting serves as a regular global platform for the renewal of commitment to the mission and purpose of the
League, for global high level advocacy and for achieving broad consensus on the strategy and priorities of the League. Participation at
the General Meeting comes from all constituencies of RASIT and members of the League.

The Members’ General Meeting:

  • Consolidates and increases members’ commitment to the objectives of the League and maintains and reinforces high level
    political commitment;
  • Enriches plans and activities through the active exchange of information and experience;
  • Makes use of the Meeting for advocacy, communications activities and social mobilization at national and global levels;
  • Provides a forum for dissemination of good practice and experience.

Meetings and documents

For the schedule for meetings and accompanying documents and notes please contact us.
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