Women in Science Journal

The Women in Science Journal, aims to promote women in science internationally, is a periodical provides a platform for the
exchange of ideas, experience, and opinions on any aspect of women in science rights and concerns, with a special emphasis
on the theory and practice of national and international strategies for the improvement of women in science situation worldwide.  
It is an excellent opportunity for the voice of women in science to be heard.  

The Journal is available for scientists, professionals, economists, philosophers, artists, journalists, students, and everyone to
publish their articles that highlight this ever-developing issue: the enhancement of women professions and public understanding
for women in science rights and concerns and their impact on developing societies and economies.

The Journal is published quarterly and includes manuscripts on all aspects of understanding the situation of women in science:
education, employment, health, social and psychological concerns, and improvement of personalities and abilities with
consideration to cultural background.  
Furthermore, the Journal publishes scientific research conducted by women, and a directory of who is who women in science

In addition to the League's activities, book reviews, letters to editor, and debate; the Journal publishes special issues with a full
coverage on a subject of concern to women's health, education, employment, and social issues.

Per the RASIT Executive Board decision to reach a wider range of audiences by combining efforts between the League and the
World Women’s Health and Development Forum to facilitate action on many fronts, mainly progress towards the United Nations
Millennium Development Goals and the post-2015 development agenda.  Therefore, the Women in Science Journal will merge
with the Women’s Health and Development Journal as one publication starting April 2015.  

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