Membership Responsibilities

A member of the League is expected to:

  • Promote the League, and advocate for the advancement and empowerment of women in science.

  • Support the implementation of the League Strategic Framework and contribute directly or indirectly to one or more
    Strategic Objectives, to implement activities, and to achieve results defined in the League work plan.

  • Work on promoting and building networks and relationships with their respective constituency partners and consult with
    them globally, regionally and nationally.

  • Review the League work plan and support the development of a constituency plan of contributions to implementation of the
    work plan.

  • Contribute time, effort and/or resources to the League activities, if possible, e.g., direct funding and/or in-kind contributions
    including technical expertise, staff time, assistance with media and networking, support for other members’ attendance at
    forums and other activities and events, etc.

  • Participate in the League consultations and requests for information and feedback as required, and to regularly share
    knowledge and contribute to the League efforts to disseminate information through:
  • contribution of stories, activities, updates, best practices, reports, projects, events and news related to women in
    science issues or related fields; and
  • contribution of resources for the League website.
  • Update the League Secretariat of any relevant changes in your entity’s profile, focal points or contact details.
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