2020 Work plans

The League Work plan and Budget was approved by the RASIT Executive Board following the recommendation of the League’s

The work plan has been developed in the context of the League’s Vision and Mission. It also builds on the developments that have
taken place in national, regional and global efforts to improve the status of women in science, as well as lessons learned from the
implementation of the 2013 work plan.

The work plan structure was developed to form the basis of a results framework that will underpin and guide the League’s work
between 2016 and 2020. Building on the League’s achievements in 2013 - 2015, the 2020 work plan is structured around four
outcomes, one special project and one cross cutting activity, which will enable the League to make significant contribution to achieving
its Vision and Mission, as set out below:

Outcome 1: Maximize progress towards SDG 5 and other relevant SDGs.

Outcome 2: Women in Science Empowerment in the 2030 Development Agenda.

Outcome 3: Improve situation of women in science: education, employment, and involvement in decision-making.

Outcome 4: Strengthen partner alignment.

Special Project: Global Fund for Women and Girls in Science.

Cross-cutting Project: Commission on Women and Girls in Science.

Across the agreed outcomes and projects, the work plan is structured around delivering five priority areas of focus in 2016-2020,
  • Influence the Sustainable Development Goals implementation.
  • Highest possible political commitment to women in science and maintained in the years to 2030 and beyond.
  • Improve coverage of essential Women in Science International League interventions.
  • Role of Women in Science in the United Nations Science Technology and Innovation Forum.
  • Strengthen Partner engagement and alignment nationally, regionally, globally.

The League continues to operate along the entire Continuum of Care, which is its key value added. As it is not possible for the League
to engage in equal measure on all issues along the Continuum of Care, the priority areas could provide a useful focus for the League’s
activities going forward.  However, other emerging priorities may also be included.

In implementing the work plan, the League will work to capitalize on the ongoing work in particular countries, and align with the efforts
already underway by members / partners.

The implementation of the Work plan will be coordinated and facilitated by Coordinators supported by the Secretariat. The Coordinators
are appointed based on criteria agreed by the Secretariat, such as technical expertise, strength of networks and ability to dedicate time
towards these tasks.
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